AI Mail Assistant

Revolutionize Your Email Management with AI Mail Assistant

Email has become a central part of professional communication, but managing an overflowing inbox can be time-consuming and daunting. Enter AI Mail Assistant, the all-in-one Gmail™ add-on designed to make email management a breeze. This tool harnesses the power of GPT-4, the latest AI model from OpenAI, to offer a suite of features that will streamline your Gmail™ experience and enhance your productivity.

Comprehensive Features

AI Mail Assistant boasts an impressive array of capabilities to assist with your email needs:


Generate response: Want to respond quickly to your emails? AI Mail Assistant can generate articulate and precise answers for you.


Summarize: Tired of slogging through long email exchanges? The summarizing feature can distill them into a few concise sentences.


Improve: If you have drafts that need refining, the "Improve" function can polish writing, correct grammar, and fix errors instantly.


Translate: Communicating with international contacts? Easily translate emails and drafts into 13 different languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and more.


Analyze: For ensuring your communication is ethically sound, AI Mail Assistant can analyze text for sarcasm, discrimination, and other ethical concerns, offering timely feedback.


Ask a question: Have a query for ChatGPT? Ask directly from your mailbox without requiring an OpenAI account.

Getting Started

Initiating your journey with AI Mail Assistant is straightforward:

1. Install the tool from the GSuite Marketplace.

2. Grant the necessary permissions for the app to access your email.

3. Link your email account by setting up an account on the AI Mail Assistant website.

4. Begin experiencing the advantages of AI-enhanced email management.

Privacy and Security Concerns Addressed

The developers of AI Mail Assistant prioritize the privacy and security of your information. It accesses only the essential scopes necessary for its operation and, in comparison to other add-ons, needs permission for only 2 scopes. Furthermore, a DPA agreement with OpenAI guards against any data breach and misuse of machine learning.

For additional peace of mind about how your information is handled, visit the AI Mail Assistant website to review their privacy policy or reach out for more details.

Final Thoughts

The versatility and efficiency offered by AI Mail Assistant are unmatched in the realm of email management tools. By integrating this add-on into your daily routine, you stand to reclaim hours spent on mundane email tasks, allowing you to focus more on what truly matters in your work. If you're ready to elevate your email productivity, consider giving AI Mail Assistant a try.

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