AI home designer

Discover the Tool Simplifying Interior Design

Imagine you had a digital assistant that could render your dream space into a visual design, all based on a description or an uploaded image. That's the magic of the interior design tool we're exploring today. It's designed to make interior designing accessible and fun for everyone. Whether you are a designer, homeowner, or working in real estate or retail, this tool has features that cater to your specific needs.

User-Friendly Features

This innovative tool includes various functionalities like:

· A Design Floor Planner: Map out your room's layout painlessly.

· Kitchen & Bath Design: Specialized features to tackle these important spaces.

· Collaboration: Share your ideas and work together with clients or team members.

· A Mobile App: Design on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet.

· Visualization: Get a clear image of what your space could look like.

· Video rendering capabilities, adding an extra layer of realism to your designs.

· A Virtual Studio: Craft and adjust designs in a digitally simulated environment.

· VR & AR Technology: Step literally into your design with virtual and augmented reality.

· A simple yet powerful 3D Viewer.

Beyond that, they continue to innovate with some of the latest updates:

· New construction drawing functions.

· Customizable parametric windows and doors.

· Support for multi-floor DWG files.

· Enhanced Structure Model capabilities including rotation for tile flooring.

· Arc wall drawing and wall alignment features in the floor plan.

· Quick replacement of models within the design.

A Community for Growth and Networking

The platform doesn't only provide tools; it's a community hub:

· Browse the Gallery for inspiration from other designers' work.

· Join the Forum to discuss and exchange design ideas.

· Participate in Challenges to showcase your talent, with the chance to win honors and prizes.

· Access Tutorials providing step-by-step instructions and tips.

The AI Designer's Edge

A standout feature is the Homestyler AI Designer. Without any design experience, you can:

1. Upload an image of your room.

2. Select a design style from options like Japandi, Glam, or Industrial.

3. Choose the room type, such as Bedroom, Office, or Dining Room.

4. Decide on the number of designs you'd like to generate.

Once you complete these steps, the AI works its magic, crafting designs that you can then refine. However, remember to check your AI credits before proceeding as they are necessary for the generation process.

Pros and Cons


· User-friendly for all levels of design experience.

· Wide variety of design features and styles.

· Community support through forums and challenges.

· Frequent updates with new features.


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