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November 22, 2023
AI for Photoshop

The Flying Dog for Photoshop software is a powerful tool designed to supercharge your design work, making your workflow faster, more efficient, and better than ever before. Here are some of its key features:

  • Outpainting: Change the aspect ratio of your image by automatically adding new content.
  • AI Text Generation: Use AI text generation from the Gyre server with great quality and versatile uses.
  • Classic Font Style: Control text style using font type and font size with ease.
  • AI Creativity: Combine prompts with text to achieve stunning results.
  • Text in Existing Image: Use text layers with inpainting to integrate them into existing images seamlessly.

People have been raving about the Flying Dog for Photoshop software:

  • DER SPIEGEL: "This software speeds up the work of designers like a turbocharger."
  • Tom Traubitz: "Definitely a great tool for Outpainting."
  • Christopher Marin: "By far the best solution out there for Stable Diffusion at this time."

Pros of using the Flying Dog for Photoshop software include faster and more efficient design process, unique features like AI text generation and classic font style control, and great integration of text into existing images.

Cons may include the need to spend time learning and mastering all of its features, as well as a potential benefit from more preset options to streamline the design process.

The user-friendly Flying Dog for Photoshop tool is an excellent addition to any designer's workflow, cutting down the time and effort required to create stunning designs. Its AI-powered features are sure to impress with the incredible results you'll achieve using this powerful software.

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