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Discover the Power of Flying Dog: A Superior Tool for Creative Design

In the digital era, where visual content is king, creatives are constantly seeking innovative tools to enhance their workflows and amplify their designs. Imagine having a sidekick that turbocharges your design process, enabling you to produce visually stunning graphics with ease. This dream becomes a reality with Flying Dog, an AI-powered software that transforms the way designers interact with images.

The Revolutionary Features of Flying Dog

Outpainting Excellence

Outpainting is an advanced technique that extends the boundaries of an image, allowing for a seamless increase in aspect ratio by adding new, relevant content to your photos. With Flying Dog, the process is straightforward:

  • Source Images: Choose from high-quality images on to start your outpainting journey.
  • AI-driven Creativity: Combine prompts with text layers to create remarkable outpainting results, such as transforming the word "CITY" into a futuristic cityscape.

Text Layer Innovation

Integrating text into images has never been easier:

  • Classic Font Style: Gain full control over your text with a variety of font types and sizes.
  • Seamless Integration: Use inpainting to incorporate text layers naturally into existing images.

Effortless Background Replacement

Replace backgrounds or position a product or object within any setting effectively with just a few clicks:

  • Background Removal: The Gyre server facilitates on-click background erasure, or you can repurpose an isolated object in Photoshop to create new surroundings using prompts.

AI-Powered Brush and 3D Features

  • AI Brush: This tool allows you to generate objects with AI and perform background removal, which can be combined with an image brush.
  • 3D Layer: Direct the 3D generation with simple 3D primitives or assets, which can be positioned and manipulated for lifelike results.
  • Asset Library: Access thousands of 3D objects to construct your scene and integrate them seamlessly with inpainting.

Experience a New Workflow with Advanced Editing

Flying Dog introduces a suite of innovative features that elevate image editing:

  • Pose & Skribble: Employ the Pose layer and Skribble features on existing photos to revolutionize your designs.
  • Segmentation & Scribble: Use color codes and sketches with live previews to define your composition's layout or add creative touches spontaneously.

Upscaling and Vectorization

Enhance your images’ resolutions and convert your AI-generated graphics into scalable vector graphics (SVG):

  • Upscalers: Choose from three powerful Upscalers designed for different image types.
  • Vectorizer: Turn AI-generated images like logos into SVGs, perfect for scalable designs.

The Ultimate AI Connectors

Connect with a selection of the best AI technologies:

  • Gyre: For the best Stable Diffusion experience offering in/outpainting, text layers, background removal, and upscalers.
  • DALL-E 2: Delivers high resolution and quality, optimal for text-to-image conversion, and is accessible to Mac users.
  • Automatic1111: A community favorite server, with outstanding inpainting options requiring local installation.
  • StabilityAI Cloud: Ideal for experimenting with new models from Stability AI, supporting only image generation.

Start Creating with Flying Dog

Getting started with Flying Dog is a breeze:

  • Quickstart: Leverage the ease of cloud services, along with the flexibility and privacy of local installations without needing technical proficiency.

In summary, Flying Dog stands out as a comprehensive tool for designers and creatives who aspire to expand the horizons of their artworks. By harnessing the power of AI, the software presents an unparalleled opportunity to leave a unique imprint on the digital world.

For more information on improving your design workflow with Flying Dog, explore the ample resources available:

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