AI CV assessment platform

Introducing CVGrader: The AI-powered Solution for Hiring Managers

CVGrader is an advanced AI tool designed to streamline the hiring process for HR professionals and hiring managers. It quickly filters out irrelevant resumes, improves hiring accuracy, and identifies top-tier candidates, saving time and money in the process.

What is CVGrader?

CVGrader is an AI tool that assists in filtering out irrelevant resumes, improving hiring accuracy, and identifying top-tier candidates. It leverages artificial intelligence to transform the hiring process, making it more efficient and effective.


· Saves time and money by quickly filtering out irrelevant resumes

· Provides improved hiring accuracy

· Streamlines the process of finding top-tier candidates

· Supports automated multi-language analysis for a diverse pool of candidates

· Allows for the reuse of existing candidate pools for new positions


· May not be suitable for organizations with limited technological resources

· Dependency on automated translations and language detection may not be 100% accurate in all cases

How CVGrader Works

CVGrader analyzes candidate resumes in multiple languages, detects the original language, translates it, and responds in the language of your choice. It allows for objective evaluation of potential hires using pre-defined lists or by asking questions about candidates.


CVGrader is a valuable tool for HR and hiring managers looking to optimize their recruitment process. By leveraging AI, it helps make better hiring decisions, save time, and ensures the most accurate and relevant information for a smooth and robust recruitment process.

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