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AI copilot for Your Data Analytics

February 27, 2024
AI copilot for Your Data Analytics

Introducing AI Data Chat: Your Virtual Data Analyst

In our data-driven world, the ability to gain quick insights is crucial. Imagine having a virtual assistant that can analyze data, generate charts, and even provide detailed responses to your analytics queries. This is now possible with AI Data Chat, a cutting-edge AI-powered tool aimed at transforming the way we interact with data.

Simplify Your Data Analysis Process

The journey from raw numbers to clear, actionable insights should be as smooth as possible. AI Data Chat was created to make data analysis accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Step-by-Step Guidance for Getting Started


Select a Data Source AI Data Chat offers flexibility by allowing you to integrate with popular data vendors or upload your own data. It supports .csv files or Google Sheets under 100 MB for a hassle-free experience. For the Business subscribers, even the onboarding of more complex data types is managed for you.


Interact Using Natural Language Don't worry about coding or technical jargon. You can ask your questions in plain English, and AI Data Chat will understand and process them, delivering answers and analytics promptly.


Obtain Visuals Instantly Need to visualize your insights? Just ask for a chart, and AI Data Chat will generate it using Python, handling all the underlying code automatically.


Tailor Results to Your Liking Your control over the output is absolute. If something doesn't look quite right, simply describe your preferences, and the AI will adjust the visuals. For those who like to get hands-on, an integrated code editor is also available to finesse the details manually.

The Perks of Using AI Data Chat

Ram Ravichandran, a former Director of Data Science at Visa and current Google Data Science Manager, endorses for its intelligent and efficient approach to analytics. It's like having a smart analytics co-pilot, transforming your data to insights effortlessly.

With AI Data Chat, you gain a team member that’s always on and ready to process data queries. Say goodbye to waiting on lengthy data processing or relying on repeated requests to the data team. This tool is designed to shorten the distance between question and insight, thereby speeding up the completion of projects and enabling a focus on strategic decision-making.

Empower Your Entire Team

By providing instant access to data analysis, AI Data Chat allows your data team to pivot from constant ad-hoc requests to more strategic pursuits. Anyone on your team can interact with data directly, leading to a more autonomous and efficient approach to data-driven decision-making.

How to Get Your Data Answers

Uploading your data sets is as easy as clicking a button and sharing a unique link with your team. Questions about your data's security, accessibility, and the types of inquiries supported can be found in the frequently asked questions section.

In Summation

Whether you’re a seasoned data scientist or someone who just needs quick insights without the complexity, AI Data Chat is your go-to resource.

For more information on this revolutionary tool, you can watch a demo that showcases how seamless it is to integrate AI Data Chat into your workflow.

If you're interested in learning more, visit and explore the wealth of resources designed to further simplify your foray into data analytics. Discover how AI Data Chat can become an indispensable part of your team's toolkit.

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