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November 22, 2023
AI Cold Call Coach

Upgrade Your Sales Pitch with Trellus AI-Powered Coaching Tool

Are you tired of making cold calls without any guidance? Do you wish you had a personal sales coach helping you out during each call? Trellus might be the solution for you.

Trellus is an AI-powered sales coaching tool that provides real-time analytics and personalized coaching to sales reps on every call. Here’s why you should consider using this powerful tool and how it can improve your sales performance.

How It Works: Trellus integrates seamlessly with your existing dialer software and only shows up during active calls. The AI-powered coach provides real-time coaching when it detects a call, ensuring that you receive instant guidance and feedback during your conversations with prospects.

Customized Coaching: One of the best features of Trellus is its powerful analytics engine that allows reps to set custom coaching configurations. This means you can personalize the coaching according to your specific needs, making it feel like you have your very own dedicated sales coach available 24x7.

Actionable Insights: Trellus delivers an actionable set of behavioral cues such as “pause,” “stop,” "slow down," and “ask why”, helping you learn the skills of a top sales rep. These prompts can significantly improve your sales pitch and help you engage more effectively with prospects.

Personalized Outreach: Trellus provides personalized local data on your prospects, such as weather data or company news, that you can leverage during your calls. This allows for more personalized and targeted outreach, increasing the chances of closing more meetings.

Easy Integration: Whether you’re using Chrome or another browser, Trellus is easy to install and works on top of your current dialer. It’s loved by sales reps at various organizations and can be set up with just one click, making it a hassle-free addition to your sales toolkit.

Get Started with Trellus Today: Are you ready to take your sales game to the next level? Install Trellus’ Chrome extension today or book a demo to see how it can revolutionize the way you approach cold calls. Enhance your sales process and improve your pitch with Trellus by your side.


  • Real-time personalized coaching
  • Customizable coaching configurations
  • Easy integration with existing dialer software
  • Actionable behavioral cues for improved performance


  • Requires familiarity with dialer software
  • Limited to Chrome extension for now

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