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AI Brain for CX

November 22, 2023
AI Brain for CX

Twig AI is a helpful tool for customer support. With its advanced AI capabilities, it can analyze and generate responses to customer queries, allowing your team to respond to tickets more efficiently.

Some unique features of Twig AI include providing factual answers backed by trustworthy sources, allowing your team to review and edit AI-generated responses, and offering personalized AI options. Twig also captures accuracy rates and usage insights to help refine the AI model for optimal performance.

While Twig AI can save time and resources for customer support teams and provide accurate responses, it may still require some supervision and editing from the CX team.

One real-life example of Twig AI's impact is Basis, which experienced a 50% reduction in customer response time. If you're interested, you can join the Twig community, as the team actively engages with customer experience leaders and professionals to foster connections and exchange insights in the CX space.

If you're ready to improve your customer support experience, you can book a demo with Twig AI. The team is dedicated to helping you elevate your customer support game and achieve efficiency and accuracy in your responses.

Why spend endless hours on customer responses when Twig AI can do it in half the time? Experience the future of customer support today.

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