AI assistant for product teams

Meet Your AI Product Assistant

In the bustling world of product management and development, time is everything. As professionals busily maneuver through mountains of documents, research, updates, and questions, the AI Product Assistant stands out as a beacon of efficiency.

This intelligent tool is designed to enhance your productivity by minimizing the time spent on mundane tasks like document writing, information searching, and query responding. With AI-powered capabilities, it helps repurpose your existing product knowledge into useful content and insights, allowing you to invest more time in the work that truly matters.

Key Features of the AI Product Assistant


Quick Information Retrieval: Searching for product-related information can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With the AI Product Assistant, you can ask any question about your product knowledge, and it fetches the necessary answers no matter where the information resides.


Effortless Document Creation: Creating product documents can be an arduous task. This tool simplifies the process by generating product documentation, such as product requirement documents (PRDs), release notes, and user guides, in a matter of seconds.


Summaries for Better Insight: Sifting through meeting minutes or extensive research papers for actionable insights takes up valuable time. The AI assistant can quickly summarize these documents, helping you grasp the essential information and make well-informed product decisions.

Committed to Your Privacy

Collato prioritizes user privacy. Your information is only searchable by those you permit, upholding the privacy and security of your data with the utmost importance.


SOC 2 Certified: Collato's knowledge management system is audited by a third-party to meet the SOC 2 criteria, ensuring that your product knowledge is secure.


GDPR Compliant: They adhere to GDPR standards, regularly reviewing their security controls to ensure your data is managed according to the strict guidelines set by the European Commission.

Ultimate Control with Self-Hosted Option

For those seeking additional control over their data, Collato provides the option to self-host your own AI assistant. This enterprise feature comes with the highest level of security and personalized control over the AI’s functionality.

Real User Experiences

Users have praised the AI Product Assistant for its transformative impact. Product Ops Coaches, CPOs, and B2B Product Managers have found that this tool tremendously saves time and boosts productivity by seamlessly integrating AI functionalities across various tools used within the organization.

Wrapping Up

The AI Product Assistant by Collato is shaping up to be an invaluable resource for many professionals. It streamlines several aspects of product management and helps safeguard your valuable information. If you’re interested in embracing a smarter workflow, you might find this AI assistant to be the missing piece that allows you to focus

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