Discover the Power of AI with Bubble

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we approach technology and has introduced an era where sophisticated applications can be designed without writing a single line of code. These advancements have made it easier than ever for individuals to craft their own AI-powered applications through platforms like Bubble.

Bubble's AI Capabilities

Bubble is a platform that simplifies the process of app development, especially with its integration of the latest AI technologies. It unlocks the potential of OpenAI, allowing users to integrate functionalities from powerful tools like ChatGPT, GPT-3, DALL-E 2, and Whisper. This integration happens through OpenAI’s API platform, which you can seamlessly connect to your Bubble apps.

Bubble's Customization and Connectivity

One exciting aspect is the flexibility Bubble offers to its users. Through the API Connector found in the Bubble Editor, you have the freedom to define your calls to OpenAI or any other APIs, customizing them according to your app's unique needs. Moreover, a rich selection of community-built plugins is available, making it convenient to incorporate AI-generated text, images, speech, and more into your projects.

Leverage AI through Community Resources

The Bubble community offers an extensive array of resources to aid developers in building AI applications:

  • Education: Engage in a dedicated course on building apps with AI, which guides you through creating an AI writer with GPT-3 and an image generator using DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion combined with Bubble.

  • Video Tutorial: A tutorial showing how to create a no-code AI copywriter using and the GPT-3 API.

  • Community Spaces: Participate in vibrant community groups like the Bubble ChatGPT Slack workspace or the NoCodeAI Discord server to share experiences, get advice, and troubleshoot AI-related issues with fellow developers.

Engaging with the Community

The download AI on Bubble community provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other creators who share an interest in no-code AI development. It's a space to discover, learn, and master the craft of AI app creation.

Additional Features and Resources

Besides AI functionalities, Bubble boasts a robust platform offering a comprehensive suite of features and resources helpful for users at any level:

  • Features: Bubble includes responsive design, version control, and an abundance of features indexed in their academy.

  • Integrations: The platform supports an array of integrations ensuring that your app can connect to the tools and services it needs.

  • Ecosystem: Bubble’s ecosystem is replete with marketplaces, templates, plugins, and partnerships with a wide range of services.

  • Community: The community forms the backbone of Bubble, providing forums, blogs, newsletters, and social media channels for continuous engagement and learning.


Bubble offers a unique proposition for anyone interested in creating AI-based applications with ease. Its no-code approach makes it accessible for non-technical users while offering powerful customization options for those with more experience. By embracing the community and resources available, users can delve deep into the world of AI without the intimidating complexity that often comes with it.

For continued learning and to become part of the thriving Bubble community, consider checking out their different courses and joining the community discussion groups:

Embrace AI with Bubble and start your journey towards creating state-of-the-art applications today.

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