Transform Your AI Assistant with Adola

Imagine giving your AI assistant not just a script but a voice—a presence on the other end of the phone that converses with human-like eloquence. That's precisely what Adola does.

Easy Integration with Powerful Results

Adola stands out as a transformative tool, designed to turn your chatbot into a "callbot." The magic happens once you equip your AI with a personal phone number and a voice so natural that your customers might forget they're talking to a machine. Adola offers a seamless experience, allowing full access to this technology with an intuitive setup process that takes just a minute to complete.

One Minute to a More Accessible AI

Start by choosing a U.S. phone number from the available selection; more international options are on the horizon. Enter the OpenAI API key, and you're almost there. The final step is to select the AI assistant you want to voice from your OpenAI account. And just like that, your AI assistant is ready to take calls.

Why Choose Adola?

The benefits of integrating Adola are numerous. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • It enables Effortless Voice Balancing to ensure your AI voice interactions are clear and balanced.
  • You get Instant Number Provisioning, which means your AI's new phone number is ready immediately.
  • All-in-One Billing simplifies your expenses by handling all the complex telecom billing details.
  • You can establish Seamless AI-to-Phone Integration for a comprehensive digital and voice communication strategy.
  • The service is Affordable for all sizes of businesses, with a subscription model that begins at $25 a month, including 25 minutes.
  • Advanced Analytics allow you to monitor your AI assistants’ performance through detailed call data.
  • There's 24/7 Availability, meaning your AI is always on call to handle any customer inquiry.
  • Adola offers Scalable Solutions, growing as your business and telephony needs expand.
  • Security and Privacy are a priority, with a commitment to keeping communications safe.
  • The tool supports Human-Like Conversations, offering users a natural and intuitive experience.
  • With Global Multilingual Support, you'll break language barriers with diverse options becoming available.
  • The Customizable AI Personalities allow you to tailor your AI's character to align with your brand.

A Community Driving Innovation

Adola invites developers and AI enthusiasts to join their community to shape the future of AI-assisted telephony. The platform encourages the exchange of ideas and feedback to influence its development roadmap.

Your AI, Now with a Human Touch

Having a conversation is perhaps the most innate form of interaction. It's how we learn and connect. Adola takes that insight and applies it to the digital realm, enabling AI to communicate in one of the most human ways possible—through voice.

Get Started Today

To experience the features of Adola and its capacity to enhance your AI, start with a 7-day, full-access free trial. This leap into AI telephony is a step towards more personalized and effective customer service.

To find out more, connect with their support team at, or visit their website, based out of Vienna, Austria, to see how you can voice-ify your AI today.

For terms, conditions, and privacy information, it's always wise to read through the policies on Adola's website, ensuring you are informed about how the service operates and manages data.

In the digital age where AI becomes more prevalent, tools like Adola are paving the way for smoother human-computer interactions, helping businesses keep up with the demands of modern communication.

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