Navigating the complex waters of college admissions just got a whole lot easier with AdmitGPT, your personal assistant for the entire journey. Whether you're a student, parent, educator or counselor, this innovative tool is designed to provide tailored support for the college application process.

What Can AdmitGPT Do for You?

With an array of features, AdmitGPT tackles various aspects of applications:

  • Personalized Recommendations AdmitGPT offers college suggestions that align with your personal profile and academic aspirations, ensuring a match that fits your goals and abilities.

  • Essay Assistance The platform helps you generate draft essays and offers real-time feedback, so your admissions essays stand out.

  • Interview Preparation You can simulate interviews and receive constructive feedback to prepare you thoroughly for the real thing.

  • Scholarship Navigation Searching for scholarships can be daunting, but AdmitGPT aids in finding and applying for the scholarships best suited to you.

  • User Support The tool boasts a user-friendly interface and a Chrome extension, making access seamless across all your devices.

For Whom is AdmitGPT Intended?
  • Students planning their college journey
  • Parents seeking to assist their children through the process
  • Educators and counselors who help students with college admissions
Pricing Plans: Your Investment in a Brighter Future

AdmitGPT offers transparent pricing with different tiers to fit your needs. Users can choose a free plan for basic features or upgrade to the Pro plan at $9.90 per month or the standard rate at $19.90 per month. The Pro plan includes everything in the Free plan, plus extensive assistance with essays, application tracking, extracurricular activity guidance, and much more.

Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Students using AdmitGPT have found the tool invaluable. Here's what they've been saying:

  • Sarah Thompson, a high school senior, shared how AdmitGPT helped her find her dream college and streamlined her application experience.
  • Jason Lee, now a college freshman, praised the essay assistance that saw him admitted to his top-choice universities.
  • For Jacky Rodriguez, the interview prep gave her the edge needed to be accepted into USC.
  • And Michael Johnson, a first-generation college student, credits the platform with helping make his college dreams affordable through scholarship assistance.
Ready to Start?

Embarking on your college journey with AdmitGPT by your side can really make a difference. Take advantage of the current special offer for Product Hunt users and start your first month with AdmitGPT for just $1 using the promo code PHCODE.

Join the Community

Additionally, by joining AdmitGPT's Discord, you can connect with peers who are also on their path to college success. Engage in discussions, share tips, and get support from a community of fellow aspirants.

For more information, explore the features of AdmitGPT and how it can be your ally in the college application process. If you're ready to take the next step towards your educational goals, give AdmitGPT a try today.

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