Transform Your Space with Acrylic: Your AI-Assisted Design Partner

In our homes, every wall holds the potential for personal expression. Imagine being able to translate your style and preferences into art that speaks volumes about who you are and what you cherish. With the Acrylic app, you have the opportunity to do precisely that—shape your living space with personalized, AI-generated artwork that captures the essence of your individuality.

Bringing Art to Life in Your Living Room

Acrylic infuses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with the flair of interior design, allowing you to craft stunning, unique paintings. A product of meticulous engineering, this app gives you a new way to enliven your home with bespoke decor that truly resonates with your personality.

· Augmented Reality Staging: Picture your walls donning artwork that's yet to be printed. Acrylic offers an augmented reality feature that lets you envision how the art will look in your space before making any commitments.

· Instant Artwork Creations: Generate attractive, high-quality images swiftly and effortlessly. The days of waiting and pondering over art decisions are over.

· Canvas Print Options: Once you love what you see, take the next step and acquire your new artwork as a durable canvas print ready to hang and admire.

Design With Ease

Acrylic is designed for everyone—whether you're an aspiring home decorator or just someone looking to spice up their space. The app's seamless and user-friendly interface allows you to:

· Navigate preset selections that can help guide your design journey.

· Freely experiment with various styles until you pinpoint your desired look.

· Confidently purchase your customized artwork with simple, secure options like Apple Pay.

Join the Evolution of Home Decor

With the promise of eliminating mundane walls and ushering in an age of accessible, tailor-made art pieces, Acrylic invites you to join its private beta. Delve into a world where creating art is as intimate and personal as the space it occupies.

To learn more about how you can get early access and to start the journey of transforming your home with art that speaks your language, reach out at

Acrylic is just the beginning of a more beautiful, personalized home environment. With a few taps, you can order, preview, and place art that's curated by you, for you. Experience the convergence of technology and artistry with Acrylic—where every piece is a conversation, every stroke is a statement, and every canvas is a chapter of your story.


· Customizable artwork to suit your personal style

· Augmented reality allows for visualizing art in your space before purchase

· Quick and straightforward creation process

· High-quality canvas prints available

· User-friendly interface with preset options

· Secure purchasing through Apple Pay


· Currently available in private beta, which may limit accessibility

· The reliance on AR requires the use of compatible devices

Embrace your inner designer and make your home as unique as you are with Acrylic. Visit Acrylic's homepage to embark on your creative adventure.

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