Introducing Accio: The Ultimate Data Warehousing Tool

When it comes to data warehousing, data relationships, metrics, and expressions must be consistent across various BI tools. Accio is the ultimate solution for defining such relationships, making data analytics effortless and enjoyable without worrying about inconsistencies.

Easily Explore Insights

Accio allows users to effortlessly explore data insights with consistent metrics, eliminating the worry behind differing numbers. This tool offers great benefits to various professionals:

Data Engineers and Analysts

Define consistent relationships, metrics, and expressions for on-the-fly computations in reports and dashboards across various BI tools, ensuring data integrity.

Data Scientists

Directly leverage Accio's defined relationships for data analysis without needing to replicate data logic and relationships into Python code, simplifying the data exploration process.

Non-Tech Users

With the Accio plugin for ChatGPT, you can seamlessly translate your requests into appropriate SQL queries, making data model exploration an intuitive experience even without SQL syntax knowledge.

How Accio Works

Define Data Model You Can Read

Accio provides a syntax similar to GraphQL that allows you to define models, relationships, and metrics in a human-readable format, making data models more understandable and maintainable.


These seamless data integrations and analyses across entities are enabled through the relationship descriptions, providing easy access to table columns.


By creating standardized formulas and composite keys, Accio empowers flexibility and adaptability when working with data, making the organization and analysis of information more efficient.


Accelerate metric access from BI tools by using Accio's pre-aggregated metric generation and DuckDB caching capabilities to enhance query performance and reduce strain on data sources.

Visualize Your Data Model

Accio offers a user-friendly interface that allows data analysts to view the interconnectedness and dependencies within their data ecosystem.

Accelerate Metric Access

DuckDB caching layer is utilized to accelerate query performance, enhancing productivity and reducing strain on data sources for seamless data exploration.

Query From Standard SQL

Accio dynamically generates SQL queries on-demand, supporting the PostgreSQL wire protocol and an ANSI SQL syntax, ensuring consistent control over data exploration.

Join the Community

To connect with developers and the Accio team, join their Discord group and become a part of this innovative community.

Try Accio Today

Experience consistent understanding and visualization of your metrics with Accio. Jump in today and see how easy it is to bring clarity to your data models with Accio.

By offering a comprehensive set of tools for designing and explaining your data model, Accio simplifies and streamlines the process. If you're considering implementing Accio into your data warehousing process, consider the following:


· Intuitive and human-readable data model definitions

· Enhanced data querying process, accelerating performance

· Simplifies data exploration process, enabling non-technical users to interact with data models


· Limited to PostgreSQL wire protocol

· Potential learning curve for entirely new users

Accio has become an innovative, go-to solution for defining consistent relationships, metrics, and expressions across data models. It's a game-changer for data engineers, analysts, scientists, and non-technical users, simplifying the way data is understood and utilized. Join the community and try it out today!

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