GitLab Duo Code Suggestions is an AI-powered tool that helps developers stay focused and productive by predicting and completing blocks of code in real time. This innovative tool aims to accelerate coding and increase efficiency for development teams.

How It Works

Code Suggestions provides a seamless coding experience by predicting and completing code snippets within the context of your work. It can generate logic for function declarations, suggest common code patterns like regex, and even create test cases. By doing so, the tool keeps developers "in flow" and reduces the cognitive load associated with writing code from scratch.


One of the key aspects of Code Suggestions is its commitment to privacy. Your proprietary code is never used as training data, ensuring that your intellectual property remains completely secure and confidential.

Multilingual Support

AI-powered Code Suggestions is available in 14 languages, catering to developers across the globe. Whether you code in C++, Java, Python, or TypeScript, this tool has got you covered.

IDE Integration

GitLab Duo Code Suggestions seamlessly integrates with popular integrated development environments (IDEs) such as GitLab Web IDE, VS Code, Visual Studio, Jetbrains-based IDEs, and NeoVIM. This means you can access its powerful AI capabilities within the tools you already love to use.


· Boosts coding efficiency

· Saves time by predicting and completing code

· Supports multiple programming languages

· Prioritizes privacy and security of proprietary code

· Seamless integration with popular IDEs


· Learning curve for new users

· Dependency on AI predictions

In conclusion, GitLab Duo Code Suggestions is an indispensable resource for developers and teams who want to streamline their coding process, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and achieve a more productive coding workflow. By leveraging AI, this tool opens up new possibilities for software development and empowers developers to achieve more with less effort.

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