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3D Prompt

November 22, 2023
3D Prompt

The AI-Powered 3D Creation Tool simplifies the process of creating 3D art. With this tool, you can describe what you want to create in plain English, and the AI will generate a 3D model based on your text. Whether you're an artist, a game developer, or just someone looking to visualize your concepts, this tool helps you bridge the gap between your imagination and a tangible 3D model.

  • Login with your email and confirm it to use the tool
  • Write a description of what you want to create in English
  • Specify whether the creation is public or private
  • Generate the image

The possibilities are endless with this tool. You can create characters, objects, and environments by describing them in text, and the AI will bring them to life in 3D.


  • Widens the accessibility of 3D modeling and art to a broader audience
  • Great for visualizing concepts and ideas quickly


  • Lack of full hands-on control for those who prefer traditional 3D modeling
  • Artistic interpretations based on text descriptions may vary

In conclusion, the AI-Powered 3D Creation Tool offers an exciting and user-friendly way to express your creativity and see your ideas transform into stunning 3D reality.

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