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February 27, 2024

Understanding the Power of 3Dpresso

What is 3Dpresso?

3Dpresso stands as a cutting-edge tool designed to simplify the process of 3D content creation for artists and designers. It operates via a web-based platform, affording users the ability to generate detailed 3D models from short video clips of physical objects. Impressively, the platform can even manipulate the textures of these models using textual inputs through its Generative AI technology.

Starting Your Journey with 3Dpresso

First Steps

Getting underway with 3Dpresso is a breeze: capture a brief video of the object you wish to model using a smartphone, then upload it onto the platform. Leave the heavy lifting to the AI, which processes the video and shapes your model. Currently, models are provided in the .glb format, with extensions like .usdz, .obj, and .fbx set to become available soon. To aid you in achieving the best results, a video capturing guide is at your disposal.

Receiving Your 3D Model

Upon successful model extraction, an email alert is sent your way. Models can be conveniently downloaded directly from the site. While turnaround is typically swift—around 30 minutes—video quality factors can introduce delays. Should you not receive a notification within a couple of hours, reaching out to is advisable.

Enhancing Models with AI Texture

The 'AI Texture' function presents the ability to transform the textures of your 3D models, employing text commands and Generative AI prompts to execute your vision. This feature is compatible with both self-created models and searchable existing ones.

Updates and Support

Maintenance and App Development

The temporary suspension of the '3Dpresso capturing app' is attributed to ongoing enhancements that the team is executing. This phase allows them to refine the app’s performance and resolve any existing concerns. The team seeks your patience and understanding during this interim period.

Commercial Use and Rights

Considering employing 3D models for business purposes? The platform offers various pricing tiers to match your requirements, each with its own commercial usage policies and attribution conditions. It's wise to review these details and select the tier that aligns with your project's commercial goals.

Engaging with the 3Dpresso Community and Learning Resources

  • Join the Discord community to mingle with fellow creators, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the 3Dpresso platform.
  • Visit 3Dpresso’s YouTube channel to explore tutorials and inspiring videos that showcase the potential of 3D creation.
  • Follow <a href=""

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