Do you want to design and print your own clothing, but don't have the experience of a fashion designer or graphic artist? Meet 1SEWN, an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the process of creating custom clothes. With 1SEWN, you can bring your designs to life using just your voice. No more struggling to sketch out your ideas or hiring expensive professionals to do it for you. Whether it's a simple, elegant design or something intricate and complex, 1SEWN makes it easy and affordable to get the perfect item, each and every time.

How It Works

1SEWN uses advanced AI algorithms to interpret your voice prompts and translate them into stunning designs. You can simply describe the design you have in mind, and 1SEWN will bring it to life. It's as easy as having a conversation about what you want your clothes to look like.


  • No need for design or drawing skills.
  • Each design is unique to you and fully customizable.
  • Voice input means you can create on the go, wherever inspiration strikes.


  • Shipping is currently restricted to countries outside of Europe.
  • Some may prefer a more hands-on design process.

With 1SEWN, you can let your style speak for itself. Express your personality through your clothing, as you design and create with ease. Whether it's a special gift or something for yourself, 1SEWN takes fashion design to a whole new level. No matter the occasion, you can count on 1SEWN to deliver on your vision, exactly as you imagined it.

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