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AI Powered Business Search for Prospecting Teams

AI Powered Business Search for Prospecting Teams

Are you tired of spending hours searching for accurate data on potential leads or candidates? Meet ExactBuyer, the AI-powered tool that helps you close more deals, find the perfect candidates, and create highly targeted marketing audiences effortlessly.

Here's why ExactBuyer is the solution you've been looking for:

Prospecting Tools for Hyper-Growth

  • ExactBuyer is designed to help your sales team reach the best-fit prospects and close deals faster with verified contact and company data.

Find Candidates Faster

  • With ExactBuyer, recruiting becomes a breeze. You can easily short-list the perfect candidates in minutes.

Create Accurate Audiences

  • ExactBuyer's marketing features allow you to build hyper-targeted multi-channel audiences, enrich warm leads, and schedule real-time updates for your best prospect and customer segments.

Integrate Real-Time B2B Data

  • Whether it's sales, recruiting, or marketing, ExactBuyer's API makes it easy to integrate real-time B2B data into your existing workflow or database.

Industry-Leading Real-Time Audience Verification

  • Experience the first prospecting tool with GPT-powered semantic search for fluid prospecting and audience building. You'll have access to real-time verified target account lists in just minutes.

Reach Ideal Buyers and Hires with One Platform

  • ExactBuyer streamlines the process, allowing you to reach your best-fit prospects, engage with verified prospects, and access mobile phones and direct emails for North American candidates.

Enterprise APIs for Data-Driven Teams

  • Access real-time, verified data to power your data-driven initiatives. Whether it's finding ideal buyers, sourcing candidates, or building hyper-targeted audiences, ExactBuyer has your back.

ExactBuyer's approach revolves around ensuring verified contact details, company data, and real-time updates, allowing you to engage with prospects confidently. With a strong focus on accuracy and efficiency, ExactBuyer is trusted by over 1200+ teams and has received top ratings on G2, making it a go-to solution for businesses.


  • Time-saving solutions for sales, recruiting, and marketing teams.
  • Incorporates AI-powered features, ensuring real-time and verified data.
  • Option to integrate B2B data into your existing tools with the API.


  • Limited information available about pricing.

With ExactBuyer, you can depend on the power of AI-driven prospecting and take your sales, recruiting, and marketing efforts to the next level.

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