Discover the Power of the Kookree Framework

Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence where developments happen at the speed of light. Yet, even in this fast-paced environment, something stands out – the Kookree Framework. This innovative platform is making waves in the AI community, offering a blend of speed, efficiency, and broad compatibility that is setting new benchmarks for machine learning operations.

Streamlining AI Operations

Kookree understands the demands of modern AI applications, and it's equipped to meet them head-on. By offering support for a wide range of GPUs and FPGAs, including those from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, Kookree ensures you have the flexibility to work with various architectures. This broad compatibility doesn’t compromise on performance either – Kookree blows past industry-standard CUDA, outperforming it in both speed and efficiency.

The Edge of Efficiency

What truly sets Kookree apart is its ability to simplify complex neural networks into what it calls simpler 'Optypes'. This simplification allows Kookree to run three times faster than CUDA on similar hardware configurations. This means your projects can move from conception to reality in a fraction of the usual time, giving you a significant edge in a competitive market.

Designed for Speed

With the Kookree Framework, even the most daunting tasks are made swift. Imagine running the latest stable diffusion and LLaMAv2 inference at an astonishing 0.294 seconds per iteration – this is what Kookree makes possible on the M2 Max. Its direct compilation of networks before running them provides a lightning-fast and efficient workflow that outshines traditional methods.

The Kookree Box: A Powerhouse of AI

For those who need their technology to be both potent and cost-effective, the Kookree Box is the ultimate solution. It's not just a computer; it's an AI powerhouse that supports enormous model training and inference tasks:

· An impressive 738 FP16 TFLOPS

· A generous 144 GB of GPU RAM

· A hefty 5.76 TB/s of RAM bandwidth

· An AMD EPYC CPU ticking at the heart

· A 1600W power supply from one 120V outlet

· A 30 GB/s model load bandwidth, loading big models like the big llama in about 4 seconds

· Out-of-the-box readiness to run 65B FP16 LLaMA networks

This power doesn’t come with a heavy environmental footstep either. The green GPGPU technology built into Kookree makes your operations more sustainable, satisfying both your conscience and your processing needs.

Trust and Reliability

Kookree isn’t just for startups or colossal tech firms; it's a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes. Its performance and reliability are recognized across the spectrum, providing confidence to those who choose to integrate it into their AI infrastructure.

Ready to Join the Revolution?

Kookree is not only constructed with precision but also pride, as it's a product built in Singapore. For those ready to witness a transformation in their AI capabilities, you can pre-order the Kookree Box today, with a fully refundable deposit, and even book a demo to see it in action. And if you're quick enough, you might snag an Early Bird Offer with a substantial discount.

If you've been on the lookout for a solution that propels your AI tasks into the next generation of speed and efficiency, the Kookree Framework and the Kookree Box could be the innovations you've been waiting for. Visit the Kookree website for more information and to explore how their products can benefit your organization.

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