AILab Tools

The AILABTOOLS product by AILab is a tool powered by AI to simplify your image editing needs, including enhancing, editing, and retouching images.

One standout feature of this tool is the AI Background Removal, which is perfect for extracting a person or object from an image seamlessly. It even allows for background removal in various contexts such as food, product, costume, and human.

The Image AI suite also includes AI Art features such as an AI Cartoon Generator, an AI Image Upscaler, and an AI Photo Colorize feature, which is useful for reviving old family photos.

Additionally, the suite offers other photo enhancements like the Dehaze feature, Image Restoration, and a Photo to Painting tool that turns photos into artworks.

The Portrait AI is another highlight, offering a range of features to experiment with portrait images.

Developers will appreciate the API accessibility, allowing integration of these features into their own applications.


  • AI-powered Background Removal with multiple context options
  • A suite of photo enhancements like Image Upscaler and Photo Colorize
  • Features specifically focusing on portrait images
  • Developer-friendly with API access


  • The user interface could use some improvements
  • There is a limit to the number of images you can process for free

In summary, if you're looking for an all-in-one AI-powered photo editing suite, AILABTOOLS by AILab is definitely something to consider for your editing needs. It's easy to use, powerful, and significantly simplifies the editing process whether you're a professional or just someone wanting to elevate your social media game.

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