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AI Portrait generator

December 24, 2023
AI Portrait generator

AI-Powered Avatar Creation Tool The AI avatars tool allows you to generate avatars that resemble you, perfect for profile pictures, social media, or personalized gifts. Let's explore how it works and what it offers.

How it Works

  1. Upload 5 Photos: Simply upload well-lit photos of yourself from various angles. No need to crop them as the service takes care of that. Avoid wearing hats or glasses.

  2. AI Model Creation: A dedicated neural network is trained for each person based on the uploaded photos. This process takes about 2 hours plus queue time and generates 200 avatars, each 1024x1024px.

  3. Dashboard Access: After the avatars are generated, you can access over 50 different styles via the dashboard. You can also create custom avatars using prompts to personalize your creations.

Additional Tools

  • Upscale: The tool provides an upscaler neural network to turn avatars into 2048x2048px for higher resolution.

  • Photo Enhancer: This feature, coming soon, will improve some of the avatars for better quality.

Pricing and FAQs

  • Price: For a single payment of $9, you get access to 200 avatars, training for one person, and 1024x1024px resolution.

  • FAQs: The tool addresses various questions including security, the possibility of a free preview, and the use of prompts for avatar creation.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick and efficient way to generate personalized avatars
  • Access to a wide range of styles and customization options
  • Affordable pricing with a one-time payment model
  • Additional tools like upscaling and photo enhancement for future updates


  • No free preview option due to high computational expenses
  • Refund only available in case of critical issues
  • Prompts required for creating custom avatars

In conclusion, the AI avatars tool offers an exciting opportunity to create unique and personalized avatars. The process is simple, the results are stunning, and with additional features on the horizon, this tool is set to become a must-have for anyone looking to add a creative touch to their digital identity. Whether it's for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the AI avatars tool is a game-changer in the world of digital art and self-expression.

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