AI Picasso

AI Picasso: The Ultimate AI Avatar and Illustration Generator

If you've ever thought about creating a custom AI avatar or illustration, AI Picasso is the perfect tool for you. With AI Picasso, you can easily access AI-generated images for free by inputting specific words (AI Illustration Prompts) and generating high-quality, unique images.

How It Works

AI Picasso allows you to control the style and effortlessly generate images that match your preferences, catering to specific artistic flairs or visual themes.

Creating your own AI Avatar is simple—just pick 10-20 photos of yourself and let AI Picasso do the rest. You'll get a custom-designed avatar unlike any you've seen before.

Make Your Own Stamps

Enhance your chats with personalized AI Avatar stamps that you can create and send to friends, family, or loved ones on LINE. This feature allows you to effortlessly personalize your LINE stamps and share your unique style.

Transform Your Pets and More

Turn your pet photos into adorable avatars using the AI Avatar feature and see them in a whole new light. Additionally, create a profile image that captures your uniqueness and charm with AI Profile, and experiment with AI Beauty Maker for AI-powered beauty transformations.

AI Picasso is versatile, offering LINE integration and regularly releasing new features designed around Japanese beauty and anime trends.

Reach Out to Us

AI Picasso also handles commissioned projects. If you have any inquiries about AI development or image generation AI, feel free to get in touch with us. We are always happy to discuss your needs and ideas.

Create your own world of AI avatars and illustrations—download AI Picasso today and unleash your creativity!


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable image styles
  • LINE integration for easy sharing


  • Limited to specific social platforms
  • May not be suitable for users outside of Japanese beauty and anime trends

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