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AI meets faith in stunning Bible art

February 27, 2024
AI meets faith in stunning Bible art
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                      Genesis: Creation

                      Exodus: Deliverance

                      Leviticus: Laws

                      Numbers: Census

                      Deuteronomy: Repeated Laws

                      Joshua: Conquest

                      Judges: Leaders

                      Ruth: Loyalty

                      1 Samuel: Rise of Kings

                      2 Samuel: David's Reign

                      1 Kings: Divided Kingdom

                      2 Kings: Fall of Israel

                      1 Chronicles: Genealogies

                      2 Chronicles: Temple History

                      Ezra: Return from Exile

                      Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Walls

                      Esther: Royal Intervention

                      Job: Suffering

                      Psalm: A Collection of Hymns and Prayers

                      Proverbs: Wisdom

                      Ecclesiastes: Meaning of Life

                      Song of Solomon: Love Poetry

                      Isaiah: Prophecy

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