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AI Content Detector

February 27, 2024
AI Content Detector

Do you ever feel unsure whether the text you're reading was written by a human or generated by AI? Our AI-powered tool can help put your mind at ease. Here's how it works.

Easy to Use

Our AI Detector tool is incredibly user-friendly. You can simply enter your text into the designated field, input a URL, or upload a file. Then, choose your preferred detection method. It's that simple!

Versatile Language Options

Whether you're working in English, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or Arabic, our tool has you covered. The AI Detector supports multiple languages, making it an ideal choice for a global audience.

Detecting Results

After inputting your text or URL, the tool will provide the results. You'll see a breakdown of the content, with a clear indication of text that's been human-generated and text that's AI-generated. We offer transparency in our results to give you confidence in the content you're analyzing.

Detailed Data

If you're curious about the specifics, our tool provides a detailed version of the results for the first 5000 characters of the text. This allows you to scrutinize the data and gain a deeper understanding of the AI-generated content.


  • Works across multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience
  • Offers transparency in results
  • Detailed version available for those who want to dive deeper into the analysis


  • Initial results may take some time to load
  • Limited to 5000 characters for detailed version

In a world where the boundaries between human and AI-generated content are becoming increasingly blurred, it's essential to have tools that can distinguish between the two. Our AI Detector is designed to do just that, giving you peace of mind and the ability to analyze content with precision. Whether you're a researcher, a content creator, or simply curious, our tool is here to help.

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