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AI Host for your Live Show

AI Host for your Live Show

Are you interested in enhancing your live videos to better engage your audience? Our AI-powered tool offers a variety of features to keep your audience entertained and engaged throughout your entire live stream.


  • Pre-recorded videos: Schedule and publish pre-recorded videos as if they were live, providing flexibility in content creation.
  • Countdowns: Build anticipation for special offers or events with countdowns, creating excitement for your audience.
  • Trivia game: Keep your audience entertained with a customizable trivia game within your live video feed.
  • Word Search game: Engage viewers with a customizable word search game in your live video feed.
  • Wordict game: Offer a Wordle-like game experience in real-time within your live video feed.
  • Last Comment Wins game: Keep your audience active and engaged with a customizable Last Comment Wins game during your live stream.


  • Increases audience engagement
  • Offers interactive and customizable features
  • Adds entertainment value to live videos
  • AI-powered for seamless integration


  • Requires initial setup and familiarization
  • May not appeal to all types of content creators

Our tool seamlessly integrates AI-powered features into your live videos, transforming them into an interactive and engaging experience for your audience. Whether you're a content creator, influencer, or brand, this tool is designed to take your live stream to the next level.

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