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Enhancing Your Writing Style with the AI Author App

For anyone who is passionate about writing, whether it's books, articles, content, or stories, the digital era has ushered in a tool that takes writing to a new level. The AI Author app is an innovative software that allows writers of all skill levels to write with the flair of established authors, opening up endless opportunities to explore different writing styles.

The app includes a virtual library of over 1000 notable writers. This unique feature provides an opportunity for users to emulate the writing style of their favorite authors. It is a breeze to use. Writers simply select their desired author, input their text into the app, and watch as their words are transformed. The app's sophisticated algorithms dissect the chosen author's style, including grammar and tone, and apply these elements to the original text, creating a piece that sounds as if it was crafted by the author themselves.

Beyond mere text transformation, the AI Author app also offers a practical perk: the ability to convert text into professional PDF documents ready for distribution. Whether aiming to impress colleagues, appeal to clients, or catch the eye of publishers, users can effortlessly produce polished documents that showcase their content in its best light.

The app offers a premium version, providing unlimited access to its extensive database and limitless conversions, allowing for continuous writing in any style and sharing with an audience of choice.

Furthermore, compatibility with note-taking applications such as GoodNotes adds another layer of convenience. Users can swiftly transfer text to GoodNotes for further use, whether that's crafting additional content or organizing notes for later review.

Concerning cost, the AI Author app, titled "Email Writer Pro," is available as a subscription service priced at $3.99 USD per week for US customers, with the possibility of varying prices in different countries.

As with any technological tool, updates and user feedback are integral. In its latest update, the app saw performance enhancements. User reviews, like one from Shane Gilliam who requests the addition of Doktor Anton S. Lavey to the author database for a more comprehensive selection, show active engagement and potential for growth based on user needs.

Please find more information on the terms of service and privacy policy on the provided pages:

The integration of artificial intelligence into writing software like the AI Author app signifies a transformative step for writers. It doesn't just mimic; it expands the horizons for creativity and personal or professional expression.

Pros and Cons of Using the AI Author App


  • Mimics the style of over 1000 renowned authors.
  • Easy to use interface for text input and author selection.
  • Ability to convert text into a professional PDF format.
  • Unlimited access with the premium version for prolific writers.
  • GoodNotes integration for seamless note-taking and writing.
  • Helps improve writing skills by providing various style templates.


  • Subscription-based service that may add up financially over time.
  • The selection of authors might not cover every possible preference or genre.
  • Dependence on app's algorithm for style emulation may not suit writers seeking originality.
  • Learning curve for writers not accustomed to digital writing tools.

In sum, the AI Author app presents a valuable resource for writers looking to refine their craft by exploring different writing styles and presenting their work professionally. It's a step towards the future of writing, where technology and tradition merge.

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