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November 8, 2023
PricingLoginWatch a DemoJoin the free BetaBook a DemoKeep Salesforce updated automatically with AI.Swyft is the easiest way to manage your CRM data and help your reps keep Salesforce updated, automatically. Thank you for joining the waitlist!Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.How it worksReps Complete a MeetingLet your reps focus on their calls. Swyft is taking care of capturing your CRM data in the background. Approve and SaveOnce the call is over, Swyft will analyze the meeting, and automatically capture all of the details that need to be updated in Salesforce. Reps can update their opportunity in one click. CRM is UpdatedIn seconds after the call, all of the relevant Salesforce fields are updated, saving your team hours of manual effort and ensuring complete pipeline accuracy. Improve data hygiene and keep Salesforce updated instantly with AI.‍Turn your team's calls into Salesforce data, instantly.Swyft uses AI to automatically capture and update your Salesforce opportunity data directly from your team's sales calls.Meeting SummaryLet your reps sell, not take notes. Swyft provides an automatic summary of their meeting, letting them focus on selling - not notetaking. Structured Data & ContextSwyft automatically updates the entire Salesforce opportunity after the call, with all of the right details in the right place. Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes.DesignerMarketingDevelopersDesigner PlanA complete solution for creative minds, with all the tools and resources needed to bring design ideas to life.Get StartedMarketing PlanA powerful suite of tools, to help you reach your audience and achieve your marketing goals.Get StartedDeveloper PlanA comprehensive platform for developers, offering a wide range of tools and resources to create and maintain top-notch applications.Get StartedGet started on the GoDownload on your iPhone or Android device and stay connected with your team, anywhere, anytime.Ready to see Swyft in action?Book a DemoContact UsTestimonialsReal experiences, real results. Read what others have to say about our product and its impact on their business.“Revolutionized the way our team operates. The ease of use and customization options have made a huge impact on our productivity.”Sarah, Marketing Menager“As a designer, has become my go-to tool for all projects. The design options are endless and the platform is extremely user-friendly. Love it!”Alex, Designer“Has been a game-changer for our development process. The platform's speed and reliability have allowed us to meet tight deadlines and exceed client expectations. Highly recommend!”Michael, DeveloperOur insightsDiscover the latest tips, trends and ideas from our experts in the startup and technology space.Strategies for successful product launchesRead MoreNov 7, 2022The psychology of successful teamRead MoreJan 10, 20234 strategies for successful product launchesRead MoreFeb 14, 2023© 2023 All rights reservedNavigationHomeFAQPricingSupportSwyft Setup & How to use SwyftResourcesBecome a PartnerTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyDocumentationsTroubleshooting GuideBook a Demo window.intercomSettings = { api_base: "", app_id: "um7d5r7x" }; // We pre-filled your app ID in the widget URL: '' (function(){var w=window;var ic=w.Intercom;if(typeof ic==="function"){ic('reattach_activator');ic('update',w.intercomSettings);}else{

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