Meet Sentelo: Your Personal AI Learning Copilot

If you spend a lot of time reading, writing, or learning online, you know the value of having a tool to help you process information faster and more efficiently. That's where Sentelo comes in. Sentelo is an AI-powered browser extension designed to help you read, write, and learn faster.

What is Sentelo?

Sentelo is a browser extension powered by Google and OpenAI's GPT models. It combines fast information retrieval and AI language models to provide fact-checked and up-to-date information with links to relevant resources. Sentelo is designed to be reliable, accessible, fast, and personalized to suit your needs.

How Does Sentelo Work?

Using Sentelo is easy. Once the extension is installed, you can simply copy any text, open Sentelo, and select a task. From there, Sentelo will provide you with the results you need to boost your creativity, enhance your understanding of a topic, or help you compress chapters into manageable summaries.

What Can You Do with Sentelo?

Here are some of the ways you can use Sentelo to improve your reading, writing, and learning experience:


Boost Your Creativity: If you're stuck on what to write next, Sentelo's complete function can provide you with additional idea triggers. It can also help you put your ideas into words using its elaborate function.


Understand & Learn: You can create control questions to check your understanding of topics and use the Explain to a Child function to get an intuition about what the author is trying to convey. Sentelo can also help you generate simple or bulleted-point summaries from entire chapters for your notes.


Real-world Examples: If you need to see real-world examples of a certain topic, Sentelo's Give an Example function can further your knowledge.

Pros and Cons of Sentelo


· Reliable and available 24/7

· Can handle heavy loads

· One-click access from any website

· Free to use


· Some features are marked as "coming soon," so not all functionalities are currently available.

If you're looking to enhance your online learning and reading experiences, consider giving Sentelo a try. It's free to use, and you might be surprised at how much more efficient and enjoyable your digital activities can become with the help of this AI-powered tool.

Sentelo has the potential to become your ultimate AI learning copilot, assisting you in your journey of information acquisition and processing. With its reliable and personalized features, Sentelo could be the tool you've been waiting for to take your online learning and reading to the next level.

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