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November 8, 2023

Introducing ProbeAI - AI Copilot: A Tool for Data Analysts

Are you tired of spending countless hours on SQL code? Or perhaps you struggle with errors, finding tables, and fixing SQL code issues? Introducing ProbeAI, an AI copilot designed to help data analysts optimize their workload. It can generate SQL codes from prompts, fix SQL code errors, and assist in finding the right tables, among other tasks.

Key features include:

  1. SQL Code Generator: Quickly generate SQL code by inputting your command, saving time and effort on typing and debugging.

  2. Auto SQL Errors Fixer: Easily understand and fix SQL errors, saving time and energy on tedious debugging tasks.

  3. Trouble-Free Table Location: Easily find the right tables and get suggestions for proper table requirements for your projects.

  4. Optimized Query Performance: Get performance optimization recommendations for your queries.

  5. ChatGPT Integration: Leverage ChatGPT for text completion to improve coherence and relevance in queries and error messaging.


  • Reduced errors and debugging time
  • Fast SQL generation and table identification
  • Performance improvements for SQL queries
  • Smooth text completion and messaging


  • May not cover highly specialized or complex SQL queries
  • Limited interactivity beyond text-based inputs

Experience a smoother data analysis journey with ProbeAI today! Minimize your workload and maximize productivity with the power of ProbeAI.

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