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November 8, 2023
!function(t){if(window.ko)return;window.ko=[],["identify","track","removeListeners","open","on","off","qualify","ready"].forEach(function(t){ko[t]=function(){var n=[];return n.unshift(t),ko.push(n),ko}});var n=document.createElement("script");n.async=!0,n.setAttribute("src",""),(document.body || document.head).appendChild(n)}(); PricingDocsBlogRequest a demoSign inGet startedNewAnnouncing the all-new Juicebox brand designThe leader in AI-powered people searchIntroducing PeopleGPT, the AI search engine that understands who you're looking for. Purpose-built for recruiting, customer discovery, research and more.Get startedWatch TourTrusted by 25,000 teams, recruiters, and hiring managers.Find qualified talent using natural languageSearch on Juicebox is powered by PeopleGPT, the world’s first people search engine that uses natural language. Describe who you’re searching for, no Booleans needed.Get startedRequest a demoJust nowHey Juicebox! Find senior engineers with experience building search infrastructure at top high-growth B2B software companies.Just nowGreat! I've built an initial query, a starting point for your search. You can edit it, or run this query.Searching for aSenior Engineer +7in theUnited Stateswho currently works or used to work atElastic, Algolia or +15companies and2 more filtersJust nowWho has experience building search infrastructure using Apache Lucene?Upload job descriptionKayla VictoriaAI/ML Developerkayla.victoria@gmail.comAtlanta, GALiam ThompsonSenior full stack developerliamt@gmail.comNew York, NYSearch across dozens of data sources in real-timeThe best talent may be hard to find. Juicebox analyzes professional profiles, technical websites, published papers, and more in real time.Get startedRequest a demoDive deeper: ask about experiences and skillsNo need to spend hours clicking through hundreds of profiles. Refine your search by asking questions. Juicebox's AI will take it from there.Get startedRequest a demoEngage with AI-powered email personalizationFound the perfect fit? Increase response rates with smart outreach. Juicebox personalizes your email template while retaining your tone and voice.Get startedRequest a demoPhD in Chemistry, HarvardThesis on transformer modelsHas worked at a Series B startup5+ years experience in KubernetesRecently promotedGlobal reach: 800 million profilesWith close to a billion records across the globe, Juicebox helps you fulfill any search, no matter how specific. And once you’ve found the perfect fit, Juicebox provides you with the contact information to get in touch right away.Get startedRequest a demoRecruitingExpert networksSalesUnlock talent beyond Boolean's reachGet a competitive edge by empowering your recruitment strategy. Find talent that precisely matches your needs, using context-driven search on Juicebox. And never write a list of dozens of keywords again.Get startedRequest a demoSearching for aML Engineer+7in theUnited Stateswho currently works or used to work atStripe, Databricks or +15companies and1 more filterKayla VictoriaAI/ML Developerkayla.victoria@gmail.comAtlanta, GA“Juicebox has been an awesome tool for me. The AI search features are powerful for sourcing hard-to-find profiles, especially for technical roles with specific skill sets.”Billie SpencerStaff Technical Recruiter at Wave TalentThe

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