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November 8, 2023
CursorPricingFeaturesGitHubForumCareersBlogSign inDownloadCursorMigrate in one clickThe AI-first Code EditorBuild software faster in an editor designed for pair-programming with AIDownload for MacOtherEnterTrusted by tens of thousands of engineers, including ones atBuild Software FasterCursor's features unlock massive speedups for engineersChat with your projectAvoid looking for code with answers tailored to your repository.Ask about your codebaseSave time hunting for the place to start a change or the right method to call.Browse documentationRefer directly to documentation, code definitions, and files.Make code changesStay in flow and focus on what matters by having the AI write low-level logic.Edit existing codeChange an entire method or class with a single prompt.Generate from scratchGenerate code from scratch with a simple instruction.Spot and fix bugsCursor can scan your code for bugs and quickly help you fix problems.Debug errorsCursor automatically investigates linter errors and stack traces to figure out the root cause of your bugFamiliar and SecureOne click to migrate all your favorite VSCode extensions with privacy options for security-critical work.One-click migrationCursor is a fork of VSCode. Import all your extensions, themes, and keybindings in one click.Keep your code privateWith privacy mode, we store none of your code in our servers or logs.Loved By DevelopersWe are proud to have helped tens of thousands of developers all over the world to be more productive.Logan.GPT @OfficialLoganKI started using Cursor this morning, the AI-first Code Editor, and I am blown away. 🤯 If you want to see what the future of software engineering will look like, try Cursor, created by the @anysphere team.Sam Whitmore @sjwhitmorestarted using Cursor yesterday & i'm blown away. it's how Copilot should feel. i'm completely off VSCode now. great work @amanrsanger and @mntruell. two concrete examples: 1) it generated a new viewset for me using the correct schema of my django models that were mentioned in a completely different file 2) i asked it a timezone question about a crontab & it generated the answer in context in the correct place in my celerybeat schedule, again in a completely different file (~100 files in the whole project) its awesome.Sully @SullyOmarrCursor + gpt4-32k = illegal levels of productivity. Best coding copilot by far.Matt Shumer @mattshumer_If you're still using VS Code, you're falling behind. Cursor is like if VS Code and ChatGPT had a baby, and it's beautiful. Just watch the video — you have to see it to understand.Alex MacCaw @maccawCursor is the best product I've used in a while - it's an AI enabled editor. I just asked it to write a README for a project I've been working on - analyzed the code-base and worked first time. Mckay Wrigley @mckaywrigleyIf you’re a developer you should be at *least* 2x more productive than you were last year. If you’re not, reevaluate your workflow. Use Cursor, use Copilot, use GPT-4 for Q&A, set up AI CI/CD, etc. You have unimaginably powerful AI tools available to you - use them.Avi @AviSchiffmannnever gets oldAlex Young @alex_j_young2 weeks in and this is somehow an understatement. @anysphere Cursor feels like a paradigm shift in the craft of programming, incredible workAndrew McCalip @andrewmccalipCursor is awesome! Someone finally put GPT into a code editor in a seamless way. It's so elegant and easy. I'm an hour in and already hoo
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