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November 22, 2023

To maximize your time and productivity while browsing the web, consider using This AI-powered tool offers the ability to enrich your reading experience and receive tailored insights from online articles directly to your email inbox. There is no need to register or install any additional apps; you can simply use your existing email account to get started.

Here's how it works:

Summarize Online Articles

When you find an article you want to read, simply email the web page URL to Within seconds, you'll receive a summary of the content right in your inbox. This summary not only provides an overview but also gives context for the web page, making it easier to decide if you want to read the full article.

Tailored Insights

After receiving the summary, you can reply to the email with follow-up questions about the content. This interactive feature allows you to obtain personalized insights, digging deeper into the information presented in the article.

Cross Platforms

Access your insights anytime, anywhere, as long as you can access your email inbox. Request new insights or search for previous ones effortlessly.

Cross Languages understands and responds in the same language you write for insights, regardless of the original language of the web page content—breaking down language barriers for global accessibility.

Share Insights

Easily share inspiring insights with your friends, and they can even join in distilling more insights via email. It's a collaborative way to engage with the content you find.

Additional Features

  • Chrome Extension: Allows you to draft initial emails with the recipient and URL prefilled automatically—making the process even more seamless.
  • Online PDF: You can distill insights from a web URL pointing to a PDF file without having to upload the PDF files.

Are you looking to elevate your reading experience, cross platform and language barriers, and gain deeper insights into the articles you read? can help you do just that.

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