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November 22, 2023

Are you tired of sifting through piles of data to find the perfect addition to your team? Look no further than! This AI-powered hiring tool is designed to help you find the right candidate for your team faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With, you can streamline the hiring process and focus on finding the best fit for your organization. The tool is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making hiring a hassle-free experience.

Visualize Productivity, Maximize PerformanceForesee your team's potential with the help of WorkViz - an AI-powered tool that visualizes productivity and maximizes performance. How does it work? It leverages artificial intelligence to analyze work logs and provide valuable insights into your team's productivity.

Automated Daily ReportWorkViz creates automated daily reports based on the active time in selected apps, simplifying the reporting process. This feature saves time and minimizes the manual effort involved in generating reports.

Employee VoicesEmpower your employees to express their feelings through emojis with WorkViz. This feature allows them to provide feedback easily, ensuring that their voices are heard and their well-being is taken into account.

Productivity SolutionsWorkViz proactively spots roadblocks and stops productivity dips in their tracks before they occur. By identifying potential issues, this tool helps keep your team on track and ensures that productivity levels remain high.


  • Streamlines the hiring process
  • Provides valuable insights into team productivity
  • Saves time with automated reporting
  • Promotes employee feedback and well-being
  • Proactively identifies roadblocks to maintain high productivity levels


  • Relies on accurate data input for best results
  • Initial setup and training may be required for optimal use

In conclusion, and WorkViz are powerful tools that leverage AI to streamline hiring processes and ensure high team productivity. With features such as automated reporting and proactive roadblock identification, these tools are invaluable for any organization looking to expand their team efficiently and maintain a high level of productivity. Try them out today and experience the difference firsthand!

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