@media only screen and (max-width: 1440px) and (min-width: 992px) { html { font-size: 1.1111vw; } }

/* Snippet gets rid of top margin on first element in any rich text*/ .w-richtext>:first-child { margin-top: 0; }

/* Snippet gets rid of bottom margin on last element in any rich text*/ .w-richtext>:last-child, .w-richtext ol li:last-child, .w-richtext ul li:last-child { margin-bottom: 0; }

/* Snippet prevents all click and hover interaction with an element */ .clickable-off { pointer-events: none; }

/* Snippet enables all click and hover interaction with an element */ .clickable-on{ pointer-events: auto; }

/* Snippet enables you to add class of div-square which creates and maintains a 1:1 dimension of a div.*/ .div-square::after { content: ""; display: block; padding-bottom: 100%; }

/Hide focus outline for main content element/ main:focus-visible { outline: -webkit-focus-ring-color auto 0px; }

/* Make sure containers never lose their center alignment*/ .container-medium, .container-small, .container-large { margin-right: auto !important; margin-left: auto !important; }

/*Apply "…" after 3 lines of text */ .text-style-3lines { display: -webkit-box; overflow: hidden; -webkit-line-clamp: 3; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; }

/*Apply "…" after 2 lines of text */ .text-style-2lines { display: -webkit-box; overflow: hidden; -webkit-line-clamp: 2; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; }

/-----------------------------/ /*Reset Webflow default styles */ /-----------------------------/

a { color:inherit; text-decoration:none; }

input[type=text] {
-webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; }

input[type=email] {
-webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; }

input[type=textarea] {
-webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; }

.w-dropdown-toggle { color:inherit; text-decoration:none; }

.w-nav-link { color:inherit; }

.w-nav-link.w--current { color:inherit; }

.pointer-off { pointer-events: none !important; }

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