Simplifying Your Voice Note Experience with AI Summarization

In an age where instant messaging dominates our communication, voice notes have become a staple in tools like iMessage and WhatsApp. However, not everyone has the time or patience to listen to long voice messages. That's where this innovative AI-powered summarizing tool comes in, changing the way you handle your voicemails.

Smooth Integration Into Your Daily Routine

With this tool, there's no need to download additional apps. It seamlessly integrates into your current messaging platforms. Here's how you can start using it:

  • Subscribe: Choose a suitable plan and submit your iMessage or WhatsApp number through a secure Stripe interface.
  • Receive AI Bot Message: You'll get a contact number from the AI bot upon subscription.
  • Forward Voice Notes: Simply forward any voice notes you receive to the bot's number for summarization.

A Focus on Privacy

Privacy concerns are paramount, which is why the service ensures:

  • Immediate Deletion: All voice messages are deleted right after summarization.
  • No Storage of Summaries: Summarized texts are not stored at all, ensuring your information remains private.

Efficiency and Speed

Leveraging OpenAI technologies, the tool is designed to be quick:

  • Fast Summarization: Receive summaries in approximately 2-20 seconds, depending on voice note length.

Multi-Language Capability

  • Broad Language Support: With over 50 languages supported, you can send voice notes in numerous languages and expect accurate summaries.

Your Questions Answered

Subscriptions and Trials

  • Free Trials: Although there's no permanent free plan, new users can enjoy a short free trial.
  • Affordable Options: Plans start from around $2 a month.

Privacy and Data Handling

  • Voice Note Storage: None of your voice notes are stored after they're processed.
  • Summary Storage: Just like voice notes, summaries aren't kept in the database either.
  • Subscription Data: Only subscription cycle information is retained for billing purposes.

How To Use

  • Voice Note Forwarding: On iMessage, copy the voice note from your chat into the chat with the AI number. For WhatsApp, simply forward.
  • Training the AI: The AI is not trained on your personal voice notes, maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

Subscriptions and Assistance

  • Billing: All transactions are securely handled by Stripe.
  • Subscription Management: If you're a subscriber, management options are easily accessible on the site.
  • Customer Support: If you prefer to speak to someone, reach out at the provided contact email.
  • Number Changes: If you've got a new number, update it within the Stripe subscription portal to continue receiving your summaries.

Compatibility and Accessibility

  • Group Messaging: Available with Premium and Ultimate plans.
  • Language Diversity: Non-English voice notes are supported in over 10 languages.
  • WhatsApp Compatibility: The tool functions on both iMessage and WhatsApp for your convenience.

Developed with dedication at Ayinke Ventures, this summarization tool represents the future of communication efficiency. By cutting through the clutter of lengthy voice messages, it allows you to digest information quickly and easily.

For more insight into how this tool functions and to see it in action, you might want to watch a YouTube demo or read about it on reputable sites.

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