Viff works seamlessly with every Property/Reputation Management System and on every website. It's a chrome extension that's omnipresent and ready to assist you in responding to reviews, whether it's on TripAdvisor, Google, or any other platform.

Review Replies, Made Easy with Viff

Are you a business owner looking to manage your online reputation and grow your business? Viff is here to help you craft courteous and contextual responses to your guest reviews instantly. Let's take a closer look at how Viff can elevate your review management game.

How Viff Works

Viff is an AI-powered assistant that simplifies the process of responding to reviews. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • Easy & Omnipresent: Viff is a chrome extension that works everywhere, including emails. With a simple click of the Viff icon, you can generate responses in a single click.
  • On-brand & Consistent: Viff's proprietary AI model learns your brand voice and tone from the initial inputs. It remembers this information and generates consistent and on-brand responses in a single attempt.
  • Contextual & Courteous: Viff responses are designed to be contextual and courteous. It ensures that every response aligns with your brand's tone and values, without compromising on professionalism.

Why Viff?

Using Viff can have a significant impact on your business in the following ways:


  • Improve Reputation: Responding to reviews can help businesses stand out and instill confidence in potential customers. When businesses respond to reviews, 87% of travelers are more likely to book.
  • Respond Immediately: Viff makes it easy to respond to reviews even when staff is busy. It learns your tone and brand voice and allows you to craft accurate responses instantly.
  • Increase Bookings: Businesses using Viff have reported 5x jumps in booking volumes and a 67% improvement in TripAdvisor ranking in just 6 months of consistent review responses.


  • Personalization Limitation: While Viff can learn your brand voice and tone, some may find its responses less personalized compared to manual responses.
  • AI Learning Curve: It may take some time for Viff to learn your brand's voice accurately, especially for businesses with more distinct or complex brand personalities.

Customer Stories

Many businesses have experienced success using Viff. Here's what some of our customers have to say:

  • James Hassett, Director of Operations: "Viff has been my best staff hire! Our staff is too busy to respond to every review, and Viff has been the best solution for us."
  • Carlotta Ricci, Property Manager: "Viff saves us so many man-hours. I simply cannot go back to writing responses myself."
  • Yasin Mayo, Airbnb Superhost: "Viff is my secret growth hack! I manage more than 30 listings, and Viff has led to a 5x jump in our booking volumes."

If you're ready to streamline your review management process, start your free trial of Viff today.

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