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Video Highlight

November 9, 2023
Video Highlight

Presenting Video Highlight—a swift, efficient solution for students or anyone looking to streamline their research process and minimize time spent transcribing, pausing, or rewinding videos. It is built with the user in mind, combining an elegant visual interface with cutting-edge AI to bring a new way of engaging with video content.


  • Summarization: Extract the main points from a video rapidly, thanks to advanced AI technology.

  • Search: Quick and easy information retrieval by scanning the transcript, allowing you to find accurate details seamlessly.

  • Highlighting: Engage with videos by highlighting notable segments, much like annotating articles or books.

  • Timestamps: Skipping through a transcript is vastly more efficient than navigating a full-length video—quickly preview the content before deciding to watch the entire thing.

  • Screenshots: Easily remember essential moments by directly adding screenshots to your notes.

  • Export: Seamlessly transfer your notes to Notion or connect to your Readwise account, extending your notes' reach and enhancing utility.

Users can significantly reduce transcription efforts and develop a more focused analytical approach, enabling efficient research across a broad range of subjects. Utilize Video Highlight's distinct power for streamlined research involving content of varied lengths and complexity. Gain back valuable time to concentrate on exploring and absorbing content.


  • Impeccable time management
  • Aids in deep engagement with video content
  • Removes transcription effort


  • Limited support for platforms other than YouTube
  • The further development of export functionalities, especially to other services outside of Notion and Readwise will enhance the tool's applicability greatly

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