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November 8, 2023
//document.documentElement.classList.add('dark'); Vanna.AI Get Started for Free Open main menu Home Docs Blog Contact Let Vanna.AI write your SQL for you Vanna is an Open-Source Python-based AI SQL agent trained on your schema that writes complex SQL in seconds Read the Documentation Browse Models Refresh icon !pip install vanna import vanna as vn vn.set_api_key(vn.get_api_key('')) vn.set_model('chinook') vn.ask('What are the top 10 artists by sales?') Copy and run this code in a notebook! Copy Whitepaper: How to get high SQL accuracy rates using AI TLDR: It all has to do with the training data you give it, which is what Vanna AI helps with. Download PDF Read the paper Sign up for our newsletter Get the latest on Vanna & AI generated SQL Email address Subscribe Why Vanna.AI?

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