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November 10, 2023

Introducing TLDR AI: Your Programming Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours deciphering code, trying to understand what it does? TLDR is here to make your life easier. TLDR is an AI-powered plugin for your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that explains code in plain English. Let's dive into the details of this amazing tool that is about to revolutionize the way you work with code.

What TLDR Does TLDR takes the complexity out of understanding code. Here's what it can do for you:

Explain Regular Expressions: Regular expressions can be formidable to understand, but not anymore. TLDR can help you grasp what your regular expression is doing, making it easier to work with it. Interpret SQL Queries: Ever struggled to comprehend what your SQL query is doing? TLDR to the rescue! It can explain your SQL query and help you understand how it works. Work in a new Codebase: When you're dropped into a new codebase, it can be overwhelming. TLDR can save you time by explaining what is happening, helping you to navigate through the labyrinth of new code like a pro.

Try Before You Buy We believe in providing a product that delivers real value. That's why we offer a free version of TLDR. The free version comes with limited credits for the API that powers the plugin, allowing you to test it out on your own code.

Simple Pricing We've kept our pricing simple and accessible for every user, whether you're an individual or an organization. Choose from our flexible monthly and annual plans, or stick with the free version if it meets your needs.

Free Version: The free version comes with limited credits for the API but allows you to get started easily. Individual Plan: For regular use, the individual plan provides more flexibility and support, ensuring you can harness the full power of the AI without limitations. Organization Plan: If you're using the plugin in a professional context, the organization plan saves you precious time and allows for priority email support.

FAQs Got questions? Here are some common questions and answers about TLDR:

What is TLDR? TLDR is a plugin for your IDE that uses AI to explain code in plain English. Is it free? TLDR offers a rate-limited free version, as well as affordable paid plans with increased rate limits. How does the plugin work? Your selected code is sent to our servers where it is processed by the AI system, which then returns a plain English explanation of the code. Does it work with all languages? Yes, TLDR supports most languages and is continually expanding its language support. Are all explanations 100% correct? The AI is continually improving, but keep in mind it is still in beta. However, it has been designed to provide accurate and helpful explanations.

Get Started with TLDR Ready to take the leap and revolutionize the way you work with code? Head to the JetBrains plugin marketplace, install the free version, and see the power of TLDR in action. Say goodbye to cryptic code, and hello to a simpler, more enjoyable coding experience!


  • Makes understanding complex code easier
  • Support for most programming languages
  • Free version available for testing
  • Affordable pricing options for individuals and organizations


  • AI is still in beta, may not be 100% accurate
  • Free version has rate limitations for the API

With TLDR AI, you can streamline your coding process, improve your productivity, and spend more time creating and less time deciphering. Give it a try and experience the future of understanding code today!

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