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The personal AI for your business

November 22, 2023
The personal AI for your business

50 Documents

5 Websites

250 URLs

Website Support

10 Users

Setup of Teams

Restrict access by domain

API Access

Business For larger organisations with multiple teams working on various projects $299/month 10 Custom AIs 500 Documents 50 Websites 1000 URLs Website Support 50 Users Setup of Teams Restrict access by domain DDoS Protection Priority Support API Access

Your questions answered From technical guides, top five AI trends, or discussions with successful customers, we have you covered Read now Unlocking the Power of AI for Your Business

Working smarter, not harder, can make all the difference for your business. A personal AI could help transform the efficiency and productivity of your daily operations. This is where comes in.

What Is is an AI platform that lets you unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. Whether it's for enhancing your website, intranet, knowledge bases, processing documents, spreadsheets, or procedures, can empower you to interact with these elements like never before.

Unparalleled Interaction offers an unprecedented level of interaction. Whether you're looking for private or public interactions, has you covered. Communicate seamlessly with your staff and customers and drive the interaction to new heights.

Features and Benefits

Custom-Designed AI provides tailored AI solutions based on your unique needs. You can create custom AIs to suit your website or project, with individual setups and the ability to restrict access by domain.

Flexible Pricing Plans offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate businesses, clubs, and teams of various sizes. Whether you're just starting out or are a large organization, you can find a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Multi-User Access For larger businesses or teams, provides multi-user access, letting you control and manage the interaction and AI functions across various teams working on different projects.

API Access also allows API access, giving you the opportunity to integrate AI capabilities seamlessly across your systems.

Try Today

Not sure if is right for you? You can try interacting with the platform's very own custom AI to experience the power of this innovative tool firsthand.

Pricing and Plans offers three pricing tiers – Personal, Start Up, and Business – with varying features and pricing points to suit different needs. These plans include a range of custom AI, document and website access, URL limits, and user management features.

The Final Verdict

In an age where technological advancements can make or break a business, represents a compelling opportunity to leverage AI capabilities that were once exclusive to big corporations. With flexible pricing, tailored AI solutions, and a wide array of features, is undoubtedly a powerful tool to elevate your business operations. Visit and unlock the power of AI for your business today.

Pros and Cons of

Pros: Unmatched interaction with websites, intranets, and more Tailored AI to suit unique business needs Multi-user access and API integration

Cons: May require some learning curve for in-depth customization Higher pricing plans might not be suitable for small businesses

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