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The first presentation maker with design AI

November 9, 2023
The first presentation maker with design AI

When it comes to creating professional presentations, not all of us are blessed with an eye for design or the skills to make slides pop. This is precisely where steps in, offering the powers of AI to create stunning presentations without needing to pull an all-nighter or break the bank on a designer. is the first presentation maker that employs design AI, making creating impressive slides not just possible but also fun and quick. Used by over a million people around the globe, is changing the game for everyone, from individual power users to large organizations.

Here's a quick look at what makes an indispensable tool for anyone needing to put together a presentation:

  • AI-Powered Smart Slides: Simply add your content, and messy notes transform into beautifully designed slides.

  • Intuitive Editing: Simple drag-and-drop controls make editing a breeze. You can adjust images, text, and layout without needing a manual or tutorial.

  • Custom Themes: Keep your branding consistent with easy customization. Add your brand colors, fonts, logos, and access a library of stock photos, icons, and videos.

  • Captivating Animations: Animations that keep your audience locked in on your message.

  • DesignerBot: The newest feature is the AI presentation maker, DesignerBot. Describe what you need, and watch the AI compile a presentation for you in moments.

With a suite of ready-to-use templates, makes starting a presentation as easy as clicking a button. Templates range from marketing reports and sales proposals to educational material and startup pitch decks—ensuring you're not just delivering information, but telling a story.

The beauty of isn't just skin deep. The tool is built to help you work smarter. For instance, scaling your presentations is effortless with features that allow you to add team members, collaborate in real time, and manage slides with confidence.

Benefits for All Team Sizes:

  • Pro: Perfect for individual users who want to create professional presentations without the hassle.

  • Team: Tailored for small to medium-sized teams that require collaborative features and design consistency.

  • Enterprise: Designed with large companies in mind, offering advanced controls, analytics, and support for a multitude of presentations at scale.

For anyone in the academic field, offers free plans for students, democratizing access to quality presentation tools.

Integrations and Support:

To ensure seamless workflow, plays well with others, including Slack, Dropbox, PowerPoint, and This means less time toggling between apps and more time perfecting your slides.

If you ever hit a bump, their Help Center is stocked with articles that can point you in the right direction, and the blog is a treasure trove of the latest news and presentation tips.

In an age where time is as valuable as ideas, stands out by giving its users the ability to express creativity efficiently. This tool not only enhances productivity but also ensures your message shines through with style.

Despite its many pros, users might find that while the AI provides a fantastic starting point, specific customization might still be required for unique brand needs. Plus, a robust internet connection is necessary to make the most of cloud-based features.

Overall, is a bridge between your ideas and your audience, ensuring the journey is easy, fast, and visually stunning.

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