📝 Text Assistant

Meet Text Assistant: Your Personal AI Writing Partner

In this modern age, we're often tasked with creating various pieces of written content, whether it's for work or personal use. Fortunately, technology has graced us with tools like Text Assistant, an AI-powered application that simplifies the writing process for countless scenarios.

Crafted by Jordi Bruin, Text Assistant harnesses the capabilities of AI to generate text for numerous use cases. Despite using an earlier generation of GPT APIs, Text Assistant remains a valuable resource for those needing quick and specific written content. From sales pitches and blog posts to heartfelt letters, this tool stands ready to assist with an array of writing tasks.

Text Assistant is all about user convenience, providing a user-friendly interface that streamlines the writing process and reduces time investment. With the app, you create and store your custom prompts, making it easier to tackle repeated tasks by using these templates whenever necessary.

Unpacking the Features:


Personalized Prompts: Curate your collection of prompts for various content needs.


Unlimited Customization: There's no ceiling on how many prompt options you can create and recycle.


Ease of Use: Symbols enhance your prompts, while generated content can be swiftly copied for use elsewhere.


Sharing with Ease: Distribute your custom prompts with friends by using a simple URL scheme.


In-Browser Integration: With the experimental Safari App Extension, applying prompts to any content in the browser is at your fingertips—currently limited, but expanding.


Global Settings: Adjust AI creativity levels (known as temperature) and choose the GPT model to your preference.


Gallery of Examples: Need inspiration? Access a gallery of sample prompts for quick inclusion in your collection.


Conversation Mode: Engage in dialogues with various personas through a unique conversational feature within the app.

On the Horizon:

Text Assistant is progressively growing, with a roadmap filled with exciting additions:

· Expanded text manipulation across macOS

· Per-prompt adjustments for temperature, GPT model, and token limits

· Safari integration enhancements

· Design refinements for a more intuitive user experience

· Keyboard shortcuts for prompt accessibility

· Special features for Ventura menu bar application

· Enhanced shortcut functionality

Community-Driven Price Model:

Users are encouraged to name their price, with a starting offer of €0+, signaling a community-driven approach from Jordi Bruin. The application is also venturing into the mobile world with an upcoming iOS version available through TestFlight.

A Direct Connection:

Instead of serving as an intermediary, Text Assistant requires users to input their OpenAI API key. This direct connection is not only cost-effective but also keeps the user in control. Here's a helpful guide on how to access your API key.

Applauded by Users:

With over 7,300 downloads and a strong rating of 4.6 from 76 ratings, Text Assistant has proven to be a helpful ally for many. The bulk of the reviews are glowing, with 79% awarding the app 5 stars, highlighting user satisfaction and effectiveness.

A Compact Powerhouse:

The app is compact, requiring only 3.3 MB of space and is compatible with the Ventura operating system, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Text Assistant aligns with the needs of today's dynamic writing demands, simplifying the process and letting technology take the strain off your shoulders. If efficiency and personalized writing support are what you seek, consider exploring the capabilities of Text Assistant.

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