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SundayPyjamas AI Labs

November 9, 2023
SundayPyjamas AI Labs

Are you interested in learning about UTIs, PCOS, and PCOD in a comfortable way? SundayPyjamas AI bot, powered by GPT 3.5 from OpenAI, is designed to provide personalized education about your body.

How It Works

  • Personalized Education: The AI bot helps you learn about your body and provides personalized recommendations in a private setting.
  • Asking Questions: You can ask comprehensive questions with the right context to receive personalized answers to your health-related inquiries.

User Testimonials

Many users have found the SundayPyjamas AI bot to be a great step toward destigmatizing issues such as menstrual health and periods. It allows them to get their queries answered in a better way, provide more awareness, and create conversations about female health.


While the AI can be a helpful educational tool, it's important to understand its limitations. The information provided by the AI should not be used as an alternative to professional healthcare providers. Consulting a doctor is crucial for proper diagnosis before taking medications. Plus, the AI may occasionally generate incorrect information or produce biased content, so it's important to keep that in mind.

Contribute to Research

If you're interested in contributing to the research of SundayPyjamas AI Labs and help in the mission to eradicate recurrent UTIs, PCOS, and PCOD, you can fill out a survey form to provide valuable insights and enable the team to better serve the community.

SundayPyjamas AI bot provides a comfortable and safe way to learn about your body and receive personalized recommendations to support your health journey. While the tool has its limitations, it's a step in the right direction towards opening up conversations about female health and removing the stigma associated with it.

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