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November 8, 2023
SummrAIzToo many newsletters in your email, not enough time? 📚 ➡️ 📗Stay informed with the best of the best, delivered to your inbox twice a weekUm, what does SummrAIz do?Can I get an example?How do I signup?TwitterBackUm, what does SummrAIz do?Stay informed without the overwhelm 😵💫Our ✨ AI-powered newsletter summary tool delivers the most important news from your favorite sources, all in one place.Never miss a beat with our twice-weekly newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Wednesday and Sunday.💎Features :Summarizes multiple newsletters into a single consolidated newsletterDelivered to your inbox twice a week🎓 Benefits:Stay informed without having to read multiple newslettersSave time and get the most important news in one placeStay up-to-date on the news that matters to youBackCan I get an example?Here is an article from Morning Brew, dated May 19, 2023And here's our summary:🏖️ Dr. Beach, a professor at Florida International University, has ranked the top three US beaches for this summer: St. George Island State Park in Florida, Duke Kahanamoku Beach in Hawaii, and Coopers Beach in New York.💰 Stocks climbed for the second straight day as a deal to raise the debt ceiling begins to take shape. Netflix shares also popped after the streamer said its cheaper ad-supported plan is off to a hot start.📺 ESPN's long-awaited plan to launch a standalone streaming service, reportedly dubbed Flagship, could spell doom for cable. ESPN execs have started hammering out deals with cable providers and sports leagues to allow programming to be offered via streaming.🍔 Kraft Heinz's newest invention, the Heinz Remix, is a dispenser that lets you customize your sauce. The company hopes the machine will help identify what new sauce combos consumers actually want and add more fuel to its growing food service division.🎮 The video game Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold 10 million copies globally in its first three days, generating more sales than any movie's box office debut this year and more than Taylor Swift's tour.🧩 Take today's Picdoku puzzle and try to figure out the four-letter word that, when a "t" is added to the front, becomes a five-letter word that means the opposite of the original word.250 word summaries, of your selected newsletters, delivered straight to your inbox, as a single email 📧As simple as that 🎉Oh and we also give you links to view the original email, just in case you find it interesting 😏Sign me up Scotty!BackHow do I signup?Sign-up for the beta here! 🇬🇧 We currently only support newsletters written in EnglishSubmitBackUnsubscribeWe're sorry to see you go 😔Submit(function() {var on = addEventListener,off = removeEventListener,$ = function(q) { return document.querySelector(q) },$$ = function(q) { return document.querySelectorAll(q) },$body = document.body,$inner = $('.inner'),client = (function() {var o = {browser: 'other',browserVersion: 0,os: 'other',osVersion: 0,mobile: false,canUse: null,flags: {lsdUnits: false,},},ua = navigator.userAgent,a, i;a = [['firefox',/Firefox\/([0-9\.]+)/],['edge',/Edge\/([0-9\.]+)/],['safari',/Version\/([0-9\.]+).+Safari/],['chrome',/Chrome\/([0-9\.]+)/],['chrome',/CriOS\/([0-9\.]+)/],['ie',/Trident\/.+rv:([0-9]+)/]];for (i=0; i < a.length; i++) {if (ua.match(a[i][1])) {o.browser = a[i][0];o.browserVersion = parseFloat(RegExp.$1);break;}}a = [['ios',/([0-9_]+) like Mac OS X/,function(v) { return v.replace('_', '.').replace

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