Summon.AI is a powerful tool that harnesses the incredible capabilities of DALL-E-2, a cutting-edge AI model, giving you the ability to generate, edit, and create variants for stunning images without the fuss.

Summon.AI is a free and open-source design tool that is powered by the DALL-E-2 model. With Summon.AI, you can easily generate images, create variants, and even edit them effortlessly.

By using Summon.AI, you can access better AI features using OpenJourney, a model similar to Midjourney, for image generation, restoration, colorization, and image upscaling with a PRO subscription. You can also discover and share your generated pieces with the world using the new save images feature, and get access to an extensive library of user-generated content for inspiration and sharing.

You can access the tool directly from Figma, and with an account, you can enjoy even more benefits like creating 10 pro generations per month for free and getting unlimited DALL-E-2 generations.

Pros of Summon.AI include quick and easy access to high-quality, AI-generated images, free and open-source tool, and the ability to create, edit, and share images effortlessly.

Cons include pro features being available with a subscription, some users reporting initial issues with setting up the tool, and the tool might not be suitable for users who require highly customized and complex designs.

So, if you're looking for a way to create and edit beautiful images without a steep learning curve, Summon.AI is just what you need. Whether you're a designer, social media content creator, or marketer, Summon.AI makes it easy to summon stunning images whenever you need them.

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