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November 22, 2023

Are you a founder with a compelling story to share? Crafting a captivating founder story is crucial for capturing the attention of potential clients and investors. However, not all of us are expert storytellers. That's where Storypitch comes in.

What is Storypitch?

Storypitch is an AI-powered tool designed to help founders create a captivating and unique narrative for their projects. What sets Storypitch apart is the synergy between AI technology and human expertise in storytelling, providing tailored and quality-controlled stories based on your inputs.

Easy to Use

Using Storypitch is a breeze. You don't need to have everything sorted out in advance. The process is short and guided, helping you clarify your thoughts along the way. You simply fill out a short form about your project, and the specialized AI gets to work.

Clever Formats

Depending on your needs, Storypitch offers three clever formats to choose from:

  • 60-Second Story: Ideal for a comprehensive bio, pitch, or presentation
  • 20-Second Story: Perfect for a shorter bio, pitch, or company description
  • 2-Sentence Headline: Great for headlines, ad campaigns, or social media intros

Save Time and Ensure Quality

Can't I just use ChatGPT, you ask? Well, if you're aiming for big ambitions and high stakes, such as building a brand, boosting growth, and securing funding, it pays to invest in an expertly crafted story. With Storypitch, the AI does the heavy lifting, saving you time and ensuring that you receive a quality story in 24-48 hours. Polished tier users can even request up to 3 revisions.


Don't just take our word for it. Ambitious founders like Piper L. and Katherine Andrews have benefited from Storypitch. Piper shares how Storypitch provided a fresh take on her founding story in just 24 hours, while Katherine emphasizes the blend of AI innovation and storytelling expertise that resonated with her audience.

So, say goodbye to the daunting task of crafting your founder story. Let Storypitch handle the heavy lifting while you sit back and receive your polished narrative!


  • AI-powered, but also quality-controlled by human experts
  • Offers different story formats to cater to varying needs
  • Quick turnaround time, with the option for revisions


  • May not be suitable for those looking to craft highly specialized or technical stories

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