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November 9, 2023

SocialBob News offers a quick and easy way to stay updated with the latest news. With their AI-powered tool, you can read the most relevant news in just 2 minutes a day, saving precious time amidst your busy schedule.

What They Offer:

  • Quick News Digest: Stay informed with daily summaries under 40 words.
  • Wide Range of Topics: Choose from 50+ categories for focused content.
  • News on the Go: Get daily news summaries on Telegram and Twitter.

What Makes Them Different? SocialBob News evolved from TheReader app, a simple RSS-based news aggregator, to provide more intelligent news aggregation enhanced with AI to tailor the news feed to your interests.

Why Choose SocialBob News?

  • Saves Time: With precise and concise news summaries, you can save valuable time.
  • Relevance: Get handpicked, unbiased top stories from over 50+ topics.
  • Convenience: Receive news updates straight to your fingertips on Twitter and Telegram.


  • Saves time by summarizing news into concise 40-word summaries
  • Offers a wide range of topics, allowing you to stay informed on various interests
  • Customizable news feed tailored to your preferences
  • News updates available on multiple platforms for convenience


  • Some users might prefer longer, more detailed news articles

Follow SocialBob News on Twitter and join their Telegram broadcast to start receiving your daily news updates and stay informed in just minutes. With SocialBob News, keeping up with the latest news has never been easier.

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