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Simple ML for Sheets

November 9, 2023
Simple ML for Sheets

The Google Assistant Editor's Choice tool offers a way to navigate through Google apps more easily. It provides handpicked app choices selected based on performance and user satisfaction. The tool uses AI-powered algorithms to recommend relevant and popular apps based on your Google account activity.

It can help optimize your workflow and make remote working more seamless. Additionally, it can assist in locating essential business apps for administration, marketing, sales, ERP, finance, and HR to make processes smarter and more efficient.


  • Handpicked intelligent app choices
  • AI-backed recommendations for enhanced algorithmic precision
  • Ability to work from anywhere with powerful app selections
  • Focus on essential business apps to optimize workflows and processes


  • Limited to Google Workspace apps
  • Not applicable to non-Google users

In conclusion, the Google Assistant Editor's Choice tool simplifies and optimizes app searches, providing intelligently chosen selections for both business and personal use.

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