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November 9, 2023
Sanjaya is a tool powered by AI that brings the epic Mahabharat to life with its AI assistant, Sanjaya. This innovative tool offers an interactive and engaging way to learn and explore the ancient Indian epic, providing users with a unique and personalized experience.

With, users can access the wisdom of Sanjaya, the AI assistant trained on the Mahabharat by Kisari Mohan Ganguli. Through simple interactions, users can engage with Sanjaya and receive AI-generated insights, details, and explanations about the Mahabharat.

Key features of include:

  • Sanjaya, the AI Assistant: Sanjaya acts as a knowledgeable guide, using AI to share details and insights about the Mahabharat. Users can interact with Sanjaya by tapping the "Hi" or "Reset" button, initiating a conversation that can provide valuable information and context.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: offers a personalized and engaging way to explore the Mahabharat. By leveraging AI technology, users can gain a deeper understanding of the epic and its intricacies, making learning more interactive and immersive.

  • Accessibility: is designed to be easily accessible to users, allowing them to engage with Sanjaya and learn more about the Mahabharat at their own pace. The tool is user-friendly and can be accessed on various devices, making it convenient for users to explore the epic from anywhere.


  • Interactive and engaging way to learn about the Mahabharat
  • Personalized insights and information from an AI assistant
  • User-friendly and accessible on various devices


  • May generate falsehoods
  • Tested for English language only

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