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November 8, 2023

Are you looking for a way to make your customer support more efficient, accurate, and helpful? RobojinAI is the perfect solution for your business. This AI-powered tool seamlessly integrates with popular customer support dashboards like Crisp Chat, Intercom, and Freshdesk to enhance your response capabilities.

Here's how RobojinAI can benefit your business:

Boosted Productivity:

  • Promptly and accurately respond to customer queries, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction.
  • By automating responses, businesses can reduce the need for additional staff, lowering operational costs.
  • Provide consistent, high-quality answers drawn from support documentation.
  • Manage a high volume of inquiries simultaneously, ensuring efficient customer support even as the business grows.
  • Provide responses in various languages for inclusive and accessible customer service globally.

Subscription Plans:

  • Ultimate Plan: $99/month
  • Pro Plan: $49/month
  • Growth Plan: $19/month
  • Basic Plan: $9/month
  • Custom Plan: Contact for details

Features of RobojinAI:

  • Integration with popular support platforms
  • Fine-tuned OpenAI Model on your data
  • Self-hosting
  • Unlimited Chatbots, Web/PDF Pages, ChatGPT Responses, and Team Members in the Custom Plan

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Refunds: You can cancel your subscription within 7 days for a no-questions-asked refund (excluding processing fees).
  • Free Plan: There's no free plan, but you can try the service and cancel within 7 days.
  • OpenAI API Key: Yes, you'll need to provide your own OpenAI API key for training your chatbot and answering customer questions.
  • Security: Your OpenAI API key is secure, and it's encrypted in the database.

Overall, RobojinAI offers a compelling solution for streamlining and enhancing your customer support through the power of AI. With seamless integrations into your existing support systems, RobojinAI can make your support staff more productive, reduce response times, and provide consistent, high-quality responses while managing a high volume of inquiries.

Pros of RobojinAI:

  1. Seamlessly integrates with popular customer support dashboards
  2. Boosts support staff productivity
  3. Offers multiple subscription plans to suit different business needs
  4. Provides responses in various languages for global customer service
  5. Allows for self-hosting and fine-tuning of OpenAI models

Cons of RobojinAI:

  1. No free plan available, but there's a 7-day refund policy for new users who want to try the service.Overall, RobojinAI is definitely worth considering if you want to enhance and automate your customer support capabilities. Offering powerful features and different subscription options, it's a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

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